Why Use Trigerz

Achieving Results

The core objective for most sales teams, is to achieve sales targets so why is it that not everyone is on plan. We look at your top performers to identify the wining behaviours for your teams and help you replicate that, turning your mid sales reps into stars


A survey carried out by CEB in 2016 showed that only 36% of a sales persons time is spent selling. So what is the rest of their time being spent on and does it help the reps hit their targets.

Creating Sales Cadence

Creating sales cadence is not always easy, this can easily be identified when you walk on to your sales floor (are reps talking to customer or prospects), or can they quickly articulate their tasks/ actions for the day in order of priority for the business.


We can help you with building an operating rhythm for your sales teams.

Coaching & Developing

Finding time to coach and identify the areas of improvements can be difficult and ambiguous. Analytics can help by diving into specific areas so that the Rep and the Coach can work together on a training programme.

Motivating & Rewarding

Work hard and play hard, sales is not easy and can be soul destroying, celebrating success big or small can help keep motivations high and encourage a culture of sharing best practise and collaboration.

Forecast Accuracy

When the process is not being followed, forecasting can feel like looking into a crystal ball. For a business that can be very frustrating when you are managing investors or key stake holders.


Bringing the science back into sales helps!

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Their are 1000's of reports that get built every day and some only get used a few times, so what reports will help you mitigate risks within your business and that can be used from Top to Bottom.


Don't report for report sake.

Managing Performance

Every team is different and people are different, managing teams can be very stressful especially when you are looking at an individuals performance.  Seeing the trends of a rep can help support the right coaching behaviours or help mitigate long term risks early.

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