Meet the team behind Trigerz

Jeffrey Cook

Managing Director
Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Read

Marketing Coordinator
Avid communicator, web and Internet evangelist with more than 10 years of online and offline marketing experience.

Ellen Yates

Account Manager
Typical coffee advocate. Over 5 years of experience in managing key customer accounts and campaigns.

Ash Makwana


Natrual sales enabler, coach & mentor. Strong background within Tech from Sart-ups to enterprises.

Why are we here..


The background to developing the platform comes from working with Sales Teams large and small with the view to help all sales reps become more productive and achive maximum results.


Common questions we get asked are around:

How to better enable sales teams to out perform against quota?

How can we increase sales productivity?

How to drive a opperating cadence accross teams and repeat success?

How to mitigate risks early?


Within a data driven world we can now harness all the data sets a business has today to help drive business decisions and create the right behaviours within our teams. Increasingly so the goal is to intergrate into other BI tools to push more insightful Trigerz to your teams that help drive further success!


Trigerz drives behaviours!


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