Which Trigerz drive your business?

Trigerz platform is a 100% Salesforce Native application that helps your sales teams stay on top of their revenue generating tasks by driving the right behaviours, so managers and executive can focus on coaching and executing against strategy. 



Actionable insights create Trigerz



Sales Trigerz directly within your CRM


With over 2000 Trigerz, you choose which ones will drive the right behaviours for your teams?


No more chasing!

With the help of chatter and action lists, leaders can now inform reps on who to call and why.


Push out content based on sales stages or Trigerz. 


Great way to support your playbooks.


Spend time on Coaching and not Reporting!

Pre-Built reports to manage your teams performance

Use Individual Trending Reports (ITR) to bench mark your reps, these reports save time when planning for 121's or managing performance.


Get reports on demand.



Trigerz dashboards keeps it simple, our aim is to mitigate risk early, helping users identify trends in behaviours to drive the right activity.


Dashboard that drive behaviours.

Creating cadence with task lists


As a manager you are able to prioritise Trigerz to ensure each rep is focused on priority tasks that drive results.



Help reps stay on track!

Can you risk missing another Trigger?


Trigerz are notifications created by an event, scenario or action. These can then be pushed out to your teams as insights to drive the correct behaviour whether you are calling, managing opportunities or prioritising tasks.

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